Diary entry

4 june 2015

Dear diary

Tonight I woke up at 8:30pm and I was very hungry so I went to hunt some rats to drink some blood and start my night without been hungry. So I started to fly to have a fresh air. And then I saw a werewolf trying to atack me so I atack him too I thought I was defeated but I step up and I finally killed him. Then I came back to my house to have another drink so I can go out again before the day turns(93). Then I went to visit my vampires parents that they try to gave me more blood but I said no because I was full. That day I seeped in my parents house.

5 june 2015

Dear diary

I woked up in my parents house and this night I made a lot of things with my vampire pet peter. First (150) we went to the vampire park and we played who drinks more blood obiuslly I won. Then we went to kill some rats but we didint drink blood. 178 WORDS.


Informal letter.

Los abedules 1235 con con viña del mar.                                                                                                                             March 23,  2015

Dear Peter.

I am writing to you to talk about what has happened here in Chile an keep you informed about this. 

Chile hasn’t changed a lot since you went to the UK but there are some insignificant things you don’t know yet.

The American cup here in Chile !! I really wanted to go to the stadium to see the match between Argentina and Jamaica 

I think it would be an exiting match. Chile is in the group with Bolivia, Mexico, and Ecuador and the quarterfinals will be in “viña del mar” 

How are you there in the UK? I might you are getting fun there. 

I might read your answer as soon as possible.                                                                                       

128 words 



                                                                          Tomas Eltit.